About Me

I have contributed to student wellbeing during my forty seven years with public education in NSW. I have provided supervision for psychologists, collaborated on  policy development for student welfare, child protection, disabilities, critical incidents and attendance. I have development of training programs for behaviour management, stress management, student well-being and management of trauma.

I have worked extensively for substantial periods at school, district and regional levels to address issues where student behaviours have had a major impact on the functioning of schools.


I provide:

* Training for provisional psychologists seeking registration.

* Training for counsellors and school psychologists in supervision techniques.

*  Professional learning for teachers and school executive.

* Coaching for school staff seeking promotion.

* Resilience strategies to support staff in schools experiencing trauma.

*  High School Peer Mentoring programs.

* Training  Mediators.

* Mediation for school staff conflicts.

* Tours to Asia, Turkey, Egypt and Russia to facilitate wellbeing.

I  welcome receiving an expression of interest for provisional psychologists seeking supervision,  professional learning and conducting reviews into school systems of student well-being.

I welcome your enquiries via email.