Adolescent / Youth Support
1 Link ActNow
An online program that connects young people with opportunities to learn more about their world and take action on the social issues they care about.
2 Link Adolescent Health
Great site with relevant information for young people around health and related issues.
3 Link Celebrations
Information for teenagers around parties and other celebrations.
4 Link Homophobia
A public awareness campaign in Toronto Canada aimed at young people, aged 13 to 25, to address reasons for homophobic attitudes and spur others to report harassment and violence to adults and police.
5 Link Not So Straight
Information for adolescents related to homophobia, being gay, lesbian, bisexual, safe sex, counselling support and related websites. Content also relevant for School Counsellors, Student Advisors and Youth Workers.
6 Link Reach Out
Website designed for teenagers to assist them with personal issues.
7 Link Relationships
Information for teenagers about relationships.
8 Link Support for Young Women (WEEO-WISER)
Women Educating Each Other – Women in Safe and Equal Relationships (WEEO – WISER) is designed by young women and WEEO WISER workers for young women.
9 Link The Source
Australian Government site for young people.
10 Link When Love Hurts
Information for young people around relationships.
11 Link Young Minds
A national charity committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people.
12 Link Youth Insearch
Provide weekend camps where the topics of communication, trust, self-esteem, parent/adolescent relationships, drug & alcohol abuse, suicide, adolescent health, sexual assault and grief are explored. A very powerful program to assist young people turn around their lives.
13 Link Youth NSW
N.S.W. Government’s website for young people and workers in the youth field.
14 Link Youth Support NSW Government
NSW Government website for youth and Youth Workers. Promotes youth leadership, details of grants and information on money, law, environment and housing for young people.
Australian Education Departments
1   Link   NSW Department of Education & Training (NSW)
NSW Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information for school management.
2   Link   Department of Education, Training and the Arts (QLD)
Queensland Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information school management matters.
3   Link   Department of Education and Children’s Services (SA)
South Australian Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information for school management.
4   Link   Department of Education and Training (WA)
Western Australian Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information school management matters.
5   Link   Department of Employment, Education and Training (NT)
Northern Territory Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information school management matters.
6   Link   Department of Education (TAS)
Tasmanian Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information school management matters.
7   Link   Department of Education & Training (ACT)
Australian Capital Territory Education home page. Provides links to policies, Student Services and related information for school management.
1   Link   Act Smart – Be Safe
Act Smart – Be Safe recognises the importance of schools and communities working together to address violence and promote actions that young people can take to stay safe. Developed by the Queensland Department of Education and Training for students, parents, teachers and school leaders.
2   Link   Anti Bullying
Suitable for students, school counsellors and teachers.
3   Link   Anti Bullying Homophobia
Excellent information for teachers to better understand issues around homophobia and support students.
4   Link   Behaviour and Attendance Tool Kits
The toolkit units provide schools with a comprehensive resources that address leadership and management; rewards, sanctions and promotion of positive behaviour; dealing with consistently poor behaviour; bullying; pupil support systems; classroom behaviour; out-of-class behaviour; curriculum, attendance and links with partners and other agencies. supports post audit action plans.
5   Link   Behaviour Mangement Startegies for Teachers
Some practical idea to assist teachers with common behaviours that disrupt classrooms.
6   Link   Behaviour Advisor
Assistance for teachers through lesson plans, video podcasts and videos to enhance social skills to improve behaviour and learning.
7   Link   Better Behaviour
Whole school approach from Scotland that addresses behaviour in relation to teacher to pupil, pupil to pupil, school community and strategic support.
8   Link   Case Management
Part of Mind Matters Plus. Power Point materials and notes.
9   Link   Casual Teachers
Understanding student behaviour for casual and new teachers. United Kingdom site.
10   Link   Classroom Management
Collection of videos that can be viewed on line or downloaded to assist teachers address issues around behaviour management.
11   Link   Cyber Bullying
A Melbourne mother has blamed the suicide of her 14-year-old daughter on the internet. The case has highlighted the problem of cyber bullying – a practice used by mainly young people to harass others by using the net or mobile phone. 7.30 Report ABC 22/7/09
12   Link   CyberNetrix
Internet safety education for Year 7 to 8 secondary students. CyberNetrix provides an engaging multimedia resource with interactive activities designed to simulate real online experiences such as instant messaging (IM) to highlight potential risks online and how to avoid them. This resource includes a Teacher Guide with activity guidelines and student handouts. It is packaged in a CD caddy with accompanying booklet.
13   Link   Cyberquoll
Internet safety education for upper primary school students. Provides a fun, cartoon-style multimedia resource with different ‘episodes’ explaining the basics of the internet and keeping safe. This resource includes a Teacher Guide, student worksheets, certificates and contracts. Parent materials include a Family Contract. The resource is packaged as an A4 Teacher Guide with CD ROM insert.
14   Link   Cybersmart
Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kids, teens and parents safely enjoy the online world.Cybersmart also offers training and resources for schools and materials for library staff.Developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Cybersmart is part of the Australian Government’s cybersafety program.
15   Link   Cybersmart Detectives
An interactive, ‘live’ online game that teaches children key internet safety messages—particularly in relation to providing personal information online and understanding the potential for people to hide their true identity online. Children work in an IM-style environment to piece together clues to work out a mystery surrounding the behaviour of a secondary student who is in trouble online.
16   Link   Discipline Help (Parents)
Understanding behaviour for parents.
17   Link   Discipline Help (Teachers)
Understanding behaviour for teachers.
18   Link   Discipline Procedures School Wide
Some good information to assist with different aspects of school discipline plans.
19   Link   Functional Assessment
Helpful information and tools to consider when doing functional assessments in relation to student behaviour.
20   Link   Parenting
Information booklets for parents of children of all ages. Prepared by the Dept. of Community Services.
21   Link   Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS)1
An excellent whole school systems approach to enhance student behaviour and learning outcomes.
22   Link   Positive Behaviour and Learning (PBL)
Australian Research from the University of Western Sydney PBL based on Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) which was developed in the USA.
23   Link   Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS)2
Queensland Research into the PBIS Model.
24   Link   Raising Children
Very good resources to help parents of children from 0 to 8 and covers many topics.
25   Link   Reality Therapy and Choice Theory
Training for understanding behaviour and systems approach to improve student learning. Excellent Australian presenter. Ideal for Counsellors, teachers and school executive.
26   Link   Restorative Justice
Restorative Practices in the Australian context focuses on the process of anti-bullying and reactive interventions to be used with difficult students or problematic situations. This Churchill Scholarship paper provides a very good overview. The paper also includes excellent references and web links.
27   Link   Restorative Justice In Action
Restorative justice is a youth justice initiative which has recently found uses within schools. It encourages offenders to face up to the consequences of their bad behaviour – and ask them to suggest ways of repairing the damage they have caused.
28   Link   Rock and Water
Rock and Water offers teachers a new way to interact with boys through physical-social teaching (though the program can also be taught to girls). Physical exercises are constantly linked with mental and social skills.
29   Link   Time Out 1
Time Out is used by some schools as part of a schools discipline procedures. This site provides good guidelines for using time out.
30   Link   Time Out 2
A good example of providing a context for using time out as part of a school discipline plan.
Conflict Resolution
1   Link   Conflict Resolution Network
Resources, free training manual and training courses for dealing with conflict resolution.
2   Link   Fighting Fair
Scott Dutton from Fighting Fair provides excellent training in mediation and conflict resolution. Training is very practical and interactive with a focus on skill mastery.
1   Link   Aspergers Syndrome
Resources and information from Australia’s leading expert on Aspergers Syndrome.
2   Link   Autism & Aspergers 1
Site of the UK National Autism Association with some good resources and fact sheets.
3   Link   Autism & Aspergers 2
Resources and links to all the Australian state Autism Assocations as well as to the UK National Autism Association fact sheets which are really practical and very helpful.
4   Link   Autism & Aspergers 3
Resources and links to all the Australian State Autism Assocations as well as to the UK National Autism Association fact sheets which are really proactical and very helpful.
5   Link   Autism & Aspergers Fact Sheets
Excellent Fact Sheets.
6   Link   Disability Access
This is a one-stop shop providing lots of
information on disability programs and services in public education and training in NSW, with links to employment and related disability services.
7   Link   Down Syndrome
Online support.
Drug Issues
1   Link   Australian Drug Information Network
2   Link   Family Drug Support
Information sheets and support for families.
Grief & Loss
1   Link   Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
2   Link   Information Sheets
Very practical and easy to read information sheets.
3   Link   Suicide
Useful booklet for parents to help children better understand when someone has suicided.
1   Link   Addressing the challenges faced by adolescents with cancer
Two versions for ages 12-15 and 16-24 years of age covering:
* Finding out – coming terms with the diagnosis
* Medical – explains different types of cancers, tests, treatments and side effects
* Heart – dealing with feelings, grief, and loss and where to get support
* Life – coping with changing relationships and managing school and work
* Beyond – looks at what happens when treatment ends and the patient needs to redefine ‘normal life’.
* Handy – glossary, links to helpful websites and support services and tear-out cards to give family and friends to offer tips of how they can help.
2   Link   Anaphylaxis
Information for teachers.
3   Link   Anaphylaxis Guidelines (NSW)
Procedures for schools.
4   Link   Asthma
Information for teachers.
5   Link   Asthma Friendly Schools
Information for teachers, parents and students. Support through materials is available to schools.
6   Link   Diseases & Health Matters
NSW Government Health website. Go to A-Z of Health Topics for an alphabetical list.
7   Link   Health Fact Sheets
Fact sheets from Westmead Childrens’ Hospital that are ideal for parents and teachers.
8   Link   Smoking
Quit line information.
1   Link   Legal Matters
Legal topics for young people for each State in Australia.
1   Link   Mentoring
Videos demonstrating effective mentoring of staff.
2   Link   Staff Welfare
Staff Matters which is part of Mind Matters with ideas on how to promote staff well being. Useful for promoting resilience. Can be used as part of executive support or whole staff support.
Mental Health
1   Link   Anxiety
Excellent program for primary and secondary students with anxiety difficulties.
2   Link   Aussie Optimism
Provides teachers, practitioners and parents with practical strategies and resources for developing children’s social competence, self-management, and positive thinking in every day life, during times of stress, and across transitions, like the move to high school. The programs are developmentally appropriate for children in middle and upper primary, and lower secondary school.
3   Link   Beyond Blue
Resources and Information Sheets. Very suitable for men.
4   Link   Mental Health and Wellbeing
A collection of programmes, resources, research and case studies created by an extensive Australian research and development project. This initiative was funded federally through the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA).
5   Link   Mood Gym
A free self help program to teach cognitive behaviour therapy skills to people vulnerable to depression and anxiety.
6   Link   Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP)
A universal program which aims to build resilience to depression in pre-teenagers and younger adolescents.
7   Link   Rock & Water
Rock and Water offers teachers a new way to interact with boys through physical-social teaching (though the program can also be taught to girls). Physical exercises are constantly linked with mental and social skills.
8   Link   Staff Welfare
Staff Matters is part of Mind Matters with activities to assist with the promotion of staff well being.
9   Link   Teaching and Support for Students
South Australian site for teachers, counsellors professionals and students of all ages.
10   Link   Work/Life Balance
Videos that assist teachers with their work/life balance.
Professional Organisations
1   Link   Australian Association of Special Educators
Useful information for Special Education Teachers.
2   Link   Australian Council For Educational Leaders
Publishes ‘The Australian Educational Leader’, provides on line forums and excellent conferences.
3   Link   Australian Guidance and Counselling Association
Newsletter and journal for school counsellors and guidance staff.
4   Link   Australian National Schools network
The ANSN is a not for profit organisation that has a successful history in school reform and improvement. The Network is at the forefront of new thinking about learning, pedagogy, curriculum and school organisation and the use of new technologies. It is unique in that it brings together teachers, schools, universities, business, teacher unions, and government and non-government employers, as a vibrant nationwide research, development and learning community.
5   Link   Australian Professional Organisations for Teachers
Links to many professional organisations, different Australian education systems and free resources for teachers, special educators and school executive.
6   Link   Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Association for PDHPE teachers, includes reference materials and details of annual conference.
7   Link   Scholarships
Australian National Schools Network offers teachers an opportunity to make study tours to schools using innovative thinking and new ideas. A scholarship of $1000 is available to help you to meet teachers making schools better for students and teachers.
8   Link   Student Leadership
Publishes Connect Magazine. Ideas for Student Councils and Student Action teams. Ideal for teacher coordinators of student leadership.
1   Link   Brief Therapy
The Brief Therapy Institute provides training in Solutions Focus. This is very suitable for people providing counselling and suport in schools.
2   Link   Work/Life Balance
Videos with ideas about how teachers can better manage their lives.
Student Services
1   Link   Child Protection
Fact sheets and information useful for School Counsellors, teachers, school executive, parents and Youth Workers in NSW.
2   Link   Research
Access to bibliographies and links to articles.
3   Link   Videos
A variety of videos related to enhancing teaching and learning. Click on ‘Whole School Issues’.
Teaching and Learning
1   Link   Cyber Bullying
Teaching notes for “Destroying Avalon” by Kate McCaffrey (Freemantle Press). Avalon is a new student in Year 10 who experiences cyber bullying.
2   Link   Quality Learning and Assessment
‘Preparing learners for their future and not our past’. Lane is a very effective quality consultant who assists teachers with teaching methods that work. Ongoing support provided to people who participate in Lane’s workshops.
3   Link   Student Voice
Videos of students having a voice in their learning.