These Resources are used during professional learning, consultancy and coaching. They are made available on the website for participants to use in their own settings.

 Services and Agencies

Contact details of Services and Agencies that can assist school staff support young people and their families.

 School Counsellor Record Keeping

An easy way for School Counsellors to track case work, file transfers, Disability Confirmations and resource loans. Instructions for each column can be found by holding the mouse over the heading.

Role Clarification

Useful exercise for Supervisors to use to clarify what is their role and what is not their role. Very useful for School Executive, Year Advisors, School Counsellors and other specialists in a school.

Proposed Change

A template to assist with planning changes based on Diffusion Theory.

Model for School Decision Making

This model is used to show the importance of taking into account the basic needs of all members of the school community and working within the context of shared beliefs and policy to drive all actions. Useful for whole school or teams within a school.

Meeting Minutes

A simple format for recording outcomes from meetings. Ideal for Executive, Welfare and Learning Support Team Meetings.

 Case Management- School Executive, Specialist Teachers

An easy spreadsheet for tracking case work. Great for Time Management. Instructions for each column can be obtained by holding the mouse over the heading.

After Action Review

After Action Review (AAR) This is an excellent tool for personal reflection, review of team projects, peer supervision, peer consultation and following serious incidents.