Systems Change

Designed for

School executive and school leaders to gain an understanding of whole school decision making and a simple model for implementing change.


  • To explore a model of effective school Decision Making
  • To explore a model for implementing change
  • To develop a plan to introduce a change

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • understand an effective model for school planning
  • understand a model for implementing change
  • develop a plan to introduce a change


  • Lecture
  • Individual activity
  • Group work


  • 3 hours

Group Size

  • 10+ participants


  • Lecture space
  • Screen


  • This workshop is suitable as part of an executive school planning weekend.
  • This workshop is suitable for aspiring school executive.
  • To assist practice at planning for change, participants should come to the workshop with an example of something they would like to see change in their school.


  • Rob Spence – Education Psychologist and Consultant


  • Contact Rob for a quote.